Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lazarus Top

I finally finished this top, which has gone through so many permutations, it barely resembles the pattern I originally used for it (hence my christening it Lazarus).

The pattern was 01/2011 Burda magazine's pattern #123, a long boat-neck knit top with three quarter sleeves. Initially, I wanted to make a peter pan collar for it and shorten it to waist-length, otherwise leaving the pattern as is. I am, however, afflicted with some sort of Peter Pan curse, which renders me unable to make a peter pan-collared shirt. I have denounced peter pan collars (despite loving them) many a time because of this, but I always come crawling back and delude myself thinking, "This time, I will succeed!"

Anyway, I did not succeed and was forced to angrily chop off the collar of this shirt about three times before I gave up and decided to salvage what remained of it by making a front panel out of a contrasting fabric (I used the remains of my last project out of the Japanese Stylish Dress Book called Billowy Blouse.) I also gathered the front and made contrasting sleeve cuffs.

Having no photographer on hand, the shirt is modelled by a trusty hanger and some cooperative logs and branches.

The pattern
In other news, Christmas came early for me and an I received a package filled with so many cool vintage buttons. Aren't buttons so great?


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